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Deutsche Bank: Fed’s QE program is not strong enough to offset Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke acknowledged the effectiveness of the stock prices of quantitative easing. In a speech last month in Indianapolis, Bernanke said: “Lower interest rates also put pressure on prices … Read more Business Insider posted a
Israel is preparing to mobilize reserves 30000 for a possible military invasion of the Gaza Kiryat Malachi, Israel – Israel on Thursday night ready to mobilize 30,000 reserve soldiers for a possible invasion of Gaza after three Israeli civilians were killed in a direct hit on their house and delivered two Iranian Fajr-5 rockets … Read more
Drought slows but does not stop the growth of the Iowa farm values ​​ drought, which Savage Midwest corn and soybean yield and knocked contributed to a less rapid increase in farm values ​​in the third quarter, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. Iowa The average hectare of land … Read more

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