Chinese Reserve Currency is Distant Prospect

Chinese Reserve in a more distant future Currency to be home reserve currency is a significant burden, according to Professor Pettis. In the event that the United States “, which means that other countries, such as China, could export their way to growth pushing the value of currency … Read more
When Sandy, DHS seeks security “Cyber ​​ Reserve The DHS Working Group said this week that the only way how to used to minimize the risk of this type of “Cyber ​​book” professional computer security that could be deployed throughout the country to help people and to prevent such an attack. Napolitano to … Learn more about presidential election Federal Reserve Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate, who said that it disagrees with the Fed’s efforts to stimulate the economy and inflation as effective. And as president, he promised to appoint a new Fed chairman. term of the current chairman, Ben S. Bernanke … Read more

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